Thrills, Chills, and The Living Dead: Review of the Feed Series

Let’s Begin

Most times when someone looks for horror and zombies they search for the clichés. The book series Feed, by Mira Grant, takes a nice spin on the typical apocalyptic scene. It is a series of three (Feed, Deadline, and Blackout) about a zombie pandemic that spreads over the world due to the government and doctors attempts to cure cancer in the year 2014. They were able to create a cure for cancer but also ended up creating a horrible virus. Twenty-five years later people are thriving in a world over run by a disease that takes over the mind and body that sends only one message to them, that’s to eat.

A Glimpse Inside 


The book starts off fast with Georgia, the main character, talking about the pandemic and her outing with her brother. The story picks up quickly as they are on an observation mission and her brother Shaun begins to antagonize a zombie. This immediately takes the reader into the danger zone as Georgia explains how the zombies work in packs, are capable of ambushing, and that they had been following them for a while. The story continues and as the reader gets more in depth they can see this fictional future unravel before their eyes. They can tell that this isn’t your typical zombie book where people run and flee at the first sight of a zombie. This book takes on a more political and systematic stand point on a world infested by people who are infected with a virus that keeps a dead body alive. The people that remain completely human live partially normal lives, the states still have senators and there are ways to protect yourself from an infection. The story itself is told from a teenager’s point of view, however she functions like a child who grew up under politics. Her thinking is very logical. Although the basis of the story is to describe the journey this girl, her friends, and her brother take to survive and thrive in a would overrun by an infestation.

Judging the Book by Its Cover

I have to say the cover of the book drew me in very easily. I know that they say don’t judge a book by its cover when it comes to people, however when it comes to books I am unsure this applies. In this case the book’s cover resembles the contents in its simplest form. The cover has blood splatter, the word feed, and a wifi connection symbol (the main characters use blogs).  The cover is like a piece of side art to go along with a grim story. This goes for the other two books; the cover arts go well with each continuation of the story. They are all very simple but attention grabbing images. Mira Grant

Overall Review

This book is an eye-opening thriller that is full of suspense and a small taste of what the real world could be like. It takes the reader on a trip and allows for a taste of a dangerous world without experiencing the dangers. I truly enjoy reading this because it has everything that I look for when I go to pick up a book off my shelf. The book contains that suspense factor that I look for along with a bit of reality in it. There was also a bit of horror when it came down to people having to flee from zombies. Everything I am interested in is all within this one book, which excites me. This makes me want to get lost in it until I finish all three books.

Overall the book is one of my many favorites and it is a good mix of different genres. I was surprised by the fact that the story was not a typical cliché zombie story. This is a good piece of fiction that is well written and has a wonderful storyline. I am very excited to finish reading the book, I am already half way through it and cannot wait to see what the end of this book has in store. This makes me more excited to see what the second book and third book have instore for the characters and how or if they will all survive by the end of the novels. The first book is captivating and an adventurous horror story that completely holds the reader’s attention. I am very pleased with my choice to purchase this book because it is the kind of writing I love to see and the kind of writing I want to be able to produce soon. Mira Grant did a get job with this story and made it to my list of favorite authors. I appreciate good fiction and love to be able to have a kind of writing or writer to look up to in order to be a good fiction writer. Overall, I enjoy her novels and they are wonderful, full of fear and great characters, always a good read.

Published by LaVondria Covington



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